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Before I’m done with you, you will be hailed as the stupidest policeman in Sweden on every newspaper Billboard in the country. « The idea that the object of public ridicule appeared finally an effect on Inspector Paulson have. » His face was lined with fear. « What do you mean? » « Suggest », « I do not intend, I demand that you call Inspector Bublanski in Stockholm. » This minute. His number is on my phone in my breast pocket. « Inspector Modig awoke with a jerk, as her cell phone rang at the other end of the bedroom. » She saw to their ugg sale outlet dismay that it was shortly after 4.00 in the morning. Then looked it was peaceful on her husband who snores. He botte ugg australia would probably by an artillery barrage to sleep. They staggered out of bed, unplugged their phone from the charger, and fumbling after the talk button. Jan Bublanski, she thought. Who else? « Is everything away to hell down in Trollh? » « Ttan », their high officer said, without getting to welcome them, or to apologize. « The X 2000 to G? » Gothenburg leaves you at 5.10. taking a taxi. «  » What happened? «  » Blomkvist, Salander, Niedermann and Zalachenko found. Salander Sahlgrenska was used with a bullet in the head. Zalachenko is also there with an axeugg boots ireland wound on his skull. Niedermann escape. And he killed a COP tonight. « Modig registration blinked twice, that she felt as exhausted. » In particular, she wanted to crawl back into bed and throw a month vacation. « The X 2000 at 5.10. . K. » What do you want from me? «  » Meet jerker Holmberg at the central station. You are an inspector Thomas Paulson on the Trollh contact? Ttan police. He seems to be responsible for much of the mess this evening. Blomkvist described him as one of the Olympic class idiot. «  » You have spoken to Blomkvist? «  » Apparently he has been arrested and handcuffed. I managed to persuade it to Paulson, to talk me ugg boots clearance for a moment leave with him. I’m kungsholmen on the way to the right now, and I’ll try to find out what’s going on. We report to keep us by mobile phone. « Modig looked at the clock bottes style ugg pas cher again. » Then she called a taxi and jumped in the shower for a minute. They cleaned bottes ugg pas cher the teeth, moved a comb through the hair, and long black trousers, a black shirt and a grey jacket. She put the police revolver in her bag and was looking for a dark red leather coat. Then shook to explain it enough life in her husband, where they left off, and that it ugg bottes femme deal with the children in the morning. She went from the front door as well as the went to taxi. She had for her ugg boots kids colleague find criminal Inspector Holmberg. She assumed he was going in the dining car, and that is where they found him. He bought already coffee and sandwiches for them. They were sitting silently for five minutes, as they ate their breakfast. Finally pushed his coffee cup aside Holmberg. « Maybe I should be educated in a different area to get », he said. Some time after 4.00 in the morning, criminal Inspector Marcus Erlander of the violent crimes Division of the G? Gothenburg police arrived in Gosseberga and took over the investigation of the congested Paulson.